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Selecting the Right Paint Color

If you are looking to have a certain mood to your room, selecting the right paint color will be essential to making your vision come to life.  Knowing what kind of atmosphere you are looking to portray will help you before you get to the paint store. If you’re unsure of what colors will look good in your room, you can always request to buy samples and apply it to the wall  to see how the color will look in different lights of the day. Remember colors can look different in light, room size and shape and also also which direction the room is facing. So be sure to test out your space first before you commit to buying a full can of paint and then being disappointed!


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4 Tips to Help Keep Your Painted Walls Looking Fresh

We get a lot of questions on how to keep freshly painted walls looking bright, clean and fresh longer.

Here are some of our favorite tips which will help you extend the life of your paint, help you to save money, and keep your walls looking brand new.

Dust – Ceilings and walls collect dirt and dust just like everything else in your home, so we suggest using a Swiffer sweeper and dusters. They have long extensions on them if you have higher ceilings, and if you’re vertically challenged. Use bounce dryer sheets for baseboards, it gets the dust off in a cinch and even prevents more dust from coming back. Also, don’t forget about grandma’s old fashioned way of cleaning walls with a rag wrapped around a broom, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to clean your walls!

Wash your walls – When washing your walls it’s very simple, just use some dishwashing soap and warm water with a natural sponge and use a circular motion starting from the bottom and working your way up and down the wall. Dry the walls using a towel. Remember that rooms used more often should be cleaned more regularly, especially in houses with kids, smokers and fire places. Don’t forget to wash your wood work!

Touch ups – To keep your paint job looking fresh make sure to save a swatch of the paint colors and the paint can you have used on your walls in case of accidents and paint chips. As damage occurs on your walls be sure to fill holes, scrapes and chips. Apply a small amount of paint and feather in the paint to have a seamless paint match.

Spot Clean – In kitchens we suggest using a grease-cutting dishwashing soap mixed with warm water for hard to remove stains, otherwise you can use baking soda and water and rub gently rub over the stain till it comes off the wall.

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How To Choose Paint Colors for a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be an oasis. It’s where you retreat when you need to unplug from the stresses of the world. It should be a welcome environment, well-designed for restful sleep and peace. Many factors go into creating an inviting space you look forward to entering, but one of the largest factors is the colors of your wall and ceiling.

Neutrals are always a safe color choice for your walls and ceilings – especially in your bedroom. Calming and relaxing, they don’t compete for attention, and your mind can rest. If you’re worried neutral colors might be boring, remember that you can spice up your room with a variety of furniture pieces, linens, and wall art choices. Think of neutrals as a safe background for whatever canvas you want to create.

Cool colors will help you create a calm and relaxing environment in your room. Look for the hues from blue green through blue violet. Grays work very well too. Remember that you’ll find a lot of variation in this spectrum. Choose cool colors that make you feel at ease.

Pastels, when done right, can look very grown-up and soothing. Using bright accessories and dark wood furniture will keep the pastels from looking too childish. Think: pinks, lavenders, soft blues, and soft greens.

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Why you should hire a local painting contractor.

Here are a few differences you should know between a Local painting contractor like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc and a bigger painting company? When hiring a Local painting contractor, homeowners often wonder whether there is any important reason to compare local companies to large franchise operations. It is hard to generalize too widely, because every group has exceptions, but there are some good reasons why it is often better to go with a Local Painting Contractor.

A typical advantage of hiring a local painting contractor like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc is our dedication to pleasing customers within our service area, since we strongly rely on referrals and repeated business from our customers. Local painting contractors will generally be more customer-focused and responsive when it comes to fulfilling your expectations. Bigger chains on the other hand, have a established brand and a vast area to serve, so customer service is not necessarily their highest priority.

Another reason it can be an advantage to use a local painting contractor is that most of the cost of your project will stay within the local economy. Local painting contractors like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc purchases their paints and tools from local merchants, provide jobs to local residents. They are also more disposed to participate in community service and development projects than a bigger painting company.

A very important factor to consider when hiring a Local Painting Contractor, is to check references. We’re so confident in every project we complete that we will provide you with a list of several local customers, so you can call and find out from them if they were happy with our painting services.

Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc services New Yorks – Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county areas. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, provide quality work at affordable prices, while focusing on the clients’ goals and expectations. You can see how we’ve done by viewing our Gallery. Also, check out our Facebook page for latest projects.

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