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Feeling Pretty Grateful

Professional Painters Count their Blessings

There’s nothing like a pandemic-driven quarantine to slow down professional home painting. Licensed painters coast-to-coast are spending a little less time with a brush in their fingers and a little more of it washing the hand that feeds us.

If you look around this website and our popular social pages you’ll see a consistent theme of community. We’re here. We’ve been here. We’ll be here and we’re committed. Part of that resolve means keeping the contribution going during less fortunate times like these.

Here’s some discoveries from these weeks of confinement. No doubt you’ve had some breakthroughs yourself and hearing about them would be really cool for us.


We’re hugging ours and know you are too. Our kids are actually saying “We miss school.” We plan to record that and play it back to them at a strategically ripe time in the future.

We’re Blessed

It’s always been clear police, firefighters and EMTs where courageous. What’s become obvious is that courage doesn’t stop there. Nurses amaze us! Who knew grocery workers were this brave? These local painters have found new and powerful respect for delivery drivers. And there’s a heap of gratitude for them bringing us comforts we don’t want to be without.

Malverne Strong

Here at our home base, some pretty cool people have supporting the “Malverne Strong Campaign.” This is a creative movement to promote community strength and wear it stylishly on our chests. Part of the proceeds from these shirts go to the Ambulance Corp — that’s another pack of heroes.

Thank you Malverne Chamber of Commerce

Speaking of help, the local Chamber of Commerce stepped up and donated funds to the most talented house painters in Long Island (That’s our team BTW). We’re touched by their generosity of spirit!

Contributing to Clean, Fresh Homes

There’s always more to learn about interior and exterior painting and this has been the time to do it. We’ve been prepping our inventory too.

Elite Painting is equipped to go! We’re ready to “hit the ground running.” We show up with professional grade “air scrubbers” and a dedicated team with years of experience.

Famous music maker Duke Ellington was fond of saying, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” We know this will bring out our best and allow us to pass those Elite skills on to you.

We’re ready. Give us a call.