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Painting the Nursery.
Thoughts that might help.

Color stimulates mind, body and soul. Babies have growing minds with small bodies and we should nurture their soul. Elite Painting can’t tell you what colors are best for your baby but think about some of the points below then circle back with us. Together we’ll come up with a combination that will color your world – and theirs.


Reds are associated with excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action. In color, the psychology of red is the most intense. Using it sparingly could stimulate your little one. A little too much and that stimulation becomes a problem for them and consequently for you. Like it? Use it but sparingly.



Orange, a cousin to red, enjoys the feel of creativity and adventure. A little orange goes a long way in bringing fun to a nursery. It’s playful. Perhaps you are to. Share a little orange and your trim or doorways can spark those creative juices. You might end up with your own little Renoir.


You can’t trump “the color of sunshine.” Optimism and summer are excellent choices for accent walls and other parts of a room. It’s also not associated with a specific gender so it works with girls or boys.


Some traditions keep hanging on. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, painting a girl’s room pink isn’t as common as it once was. Yet, it does still serve the feminine side of the human psyche. If you (or your little one) identify with a traditional female POV pink is still a solid choice.


It’s difficult to hide our love of green. The hue is linked to nature – and money. (Two of our favorites). Growth, fertility and health are more benefits evoked by the color of plants. Green is well-suited to murals. Jungles, forests and fields will all bring the color into the picture.


The sea and the sky make for stability, harmony, peace, calm and trust. It’s the most popular color among both males and females. A sense of coldness can be avoided by joining blue with warmer tones. It’s a good choice for boys and girls.


The color of royalty is connected to power, wisdom and spirituality. We don’t see a lot of purple rooms but this blog is for stimulating the thought process. Purple can certainly do that.


Innocence and cleanliness are ideal for a tidy nursery. Warming it up is simple using one of the colors above. Also, white goes with every color under the sun. It’s a good place to start. Call it a clean palette. From there your plans can change but starting clean is often good and white is just that.


Black is sophistication and elegance. Not a lot of babies fit into that category. In our experience clients avoid this option but heck, if you want to buck the system, we’re in. Your call.

Like we said. Elite isn’t here to choose colors for your baby but we can help. This blog is a good step in that direction. A further step towards a beautiful environment for your bundle of joy is to reach out to us. We love to talk color (and babies).