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Blue. It has its own Psychology.

“Blue is the closest color to truth”

– Steven Tyler


Looking for a calm, confident color to adorn the colors of your work space? Choose from one of Benjamin Moores 1,680 shades of blue. According to Verywell mind we associate blue with trust, dependability, and relaxation but each shade of blue brings its own connotations of innovation and customer loyalty to your work place.

Blue is the most popular color among adults, especially men, according to a study done by YouGove for productivity as it’s refreshing and securing. However be wary of blues for food related businesses. Since blue foods very rarely occur naturally in the wild the color tends to be a bit of an appetite suppressor (great for swim suit season diet but not for your local diner). Our friends in the restaurant business might want to conceited red as its known to spark appetites.

Light Blue

Lighter shaders of blue can create a calm, secure space. Much like a gorgeous ocean view or a beautiful blue sky these grounding connections to nature can foster a relaxing, inviting vibe. We can add blue to the trim or even work with you to cover the whole room. The stress of a day at the office can be mitigated by the right environment. A light blue, like Benjamin Moores Morning Blue sky or Icy Moon drops, might be the right choice to help with the effects of a high stress workplace or for companies who market relaxation with their products. Commercial spaces like yoga studios and spas should be aware of the calming effects of light blue.

Dark Blue

Finally dark blues can create a professional feel. Deeper blues tend to be more sombre, heightening the security aspects, which makes them an excellent choice for professionalism especially in industries like banking or law. However just be aware that colors like navy blue can be dangerous as they can come across cold and detached.

For an office space that wants to reflect professionalism and trust varying shades of blue can offer an environment both pleasing to the eye and helpful to the employees. Call us for an estimate now to have your office revitalized for the upcoming spring season.