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So now you have a Teenager…

This is the opportunity to help your blossoming adult create a space that is truly theirs.

… and it turns out the boyish blue or butterfly decals you so excitedly painted on their walls as a child are no longer in style. It may be a nostalgic experience taking down childhood decorations but this is the opportunity to help your blossoming adult create a space that is truly theirs. Obstacles may arise as you and your child bicker over paint samples. The good news is there’s middle ground to house painting.

Talk to your teens. The first time around you may have held a drooling infant as you sampled pretty pink paint. This time you have a second opinion to think of… your teen’s. Ultimately this is their space and you want it to reflect who they are. They’ll be spending the majority of the time in it. Talk to your teenager and find out how they envision their new room so you can work together in creating this new look.

This means compromise! After your heart to heart about color coordination you may realize your teen’s favorite styles are the ones you know they’ll regret. Instead of four startling-green walls try one. Instead of overwhelming darkness consider just a black trim. All they crave is the opportunity to control a place that is fully theirs. For this they’ll want their walls to stand out. So pick up some paint chips together and discuss the colorful accents your teen craves.

Talk to a licensed paint contractor. While your excited teen has spent hours on Pinterest a painting contractor works with colors all the time. Ask them about the perfect pairings for your compromise. Who knows, they may even have their own teen at home.

Colors are universal. Benjamin Moore posts inspirational rooms with pairings everyone can enjoy. With the right coat of paint you and your teen are on your way to adulthood.