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Paint Safe!

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”


Color is rejuvenation. A fresh home fosters an elevated mood. We all want to keep it that way. So please take precautions! Make sure your home keeps everyone out of harm’s way.

If you’re Hiring a Painter.

Supporting start-up businesses may seem valiant and economical. Is it though? Painting is a trade. In the spirit of journeymen past and present licensed contractors bring a wealth of experience and training to the job. This blog is about safety though so let’s stick to that.

Two of the most common home insurance liability claims are

  • Home accidents
  • Injured domestic workers

Handymen and start-ups don’t always insure themselves against potential hazards. Don’t take that chance. Paint jobs should be memorable for good reasons and liability often falls to the homeowner. Even a small claim will make any labor savings disappear. Hire a team that’s licensed and insured. It’s not only better value. It’s better peace of mind.

If you’re doing it yourself.

Plan on keeping the work area well ventilated. Think about those easy solutions like opening doors and windows. Old box fans can really help keep paint fumes away from your respiratory system and it encourages faster drying times for your job. If seniors or little ones are in your home encourage them to leave the area. Tiny lungs work best away from paint fumes and elders may not process vapor as well as they used to.

Treat yourself right too. Paint respirators are economical and make you look stylish. OK, maybe not — but they will filter the air bringing you added safety. That’s especially true when you’re sanding (See our last post “It’s all about the prep.”) And don’t forget the safety goggles. Your optometrist will appreciate it and so will your corneas.

We know it’s tempting to buy some inexpensive plastic to cover your floor. Don’t give in. Plastic is slippery and increases the chance of falls in the work area. Cloth or canvas do a much better job and give you a more secure footing.

How’s that ladder? Check it please. And do us a favor? Don’t stand on the top. Sooner or later you’ll regret it.

There’s an old saying, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Apply that to your next project and you’ll enjoy the new look and feel of your home in good health and that’s what we wish for all.