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Paint Before you Move


Planning to move? Then it might be hard to see the point in painting. However, a new look isn’t just for the movers. A fresh coat can actually increase market value.

According to the National Association of Realtors 66% of agents recommend painting walls. The look of a room is the firstbefore you move in art impression your buyers make. It can help you stand out in a competitive market. We can help you get the best value for your home with just a few easy tips.


We’ve talked about color psychology before and how each one can have a unique affect on a room. This time you’re paint must account for all possible buyers. Does it seem difficult? We can share thousands of choices from Benjamin Moore at our disposal—and yours. With every possible combination and years of expertise behind us we can help you find a profitable style.

Warm, neutral tones are the most recommended. Choosing tints like beige, golds and grays gives the place a fresh look as potential buyers imagine they’re new lives in your perfectly painted paradise.

Work smarter not harder

Everyone loves a full home makeover! Painting your entire home shouldn’t be the main priority. If you’re smart about where and what you paint we can help you improve your market value without breaking the bank.

Don’t believe it?

In a survey done by Zillow, homes with a dark door sell for over $6,000 more then expected. However, an interior coated with dark walls sold for $2,000 less then the asking price. All it takes to effect the buyers is a freshly painting door or a brightened up den. Painting even a few of the house’s most important rooms has enough power to transform the entire space.


Even the most popular colors can’t save a bad paint job. Work with trained craftsmen that get the job done right. We have deep ties to the community so it’s more than a financial opportunity for us. It’s a chance to keep our neighborhoods beautiful for you and for your home’s next family.