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The next big thing in Painting – Tranquil Customers
– 6 Ways to make the Relationship Work.

…You never need an insured contractor until suddenly — you do.

Having workers in your home is stressful. Don’t think for a second that we don’t get that. Your personal space needs to be respected. Elite Painting is — after all — there to improve your home. That goes far beyond a coat of paint. Respect comes from offering customers a feeling of security that protects them and gets us invited back.

Here’s six of the many ways we make our clients feel relaxed and secure.

1. We are Insured

You never need an insured contractor until suddenly — you do. We take responsibility for people on the job. That commitment starts before they arrive and continues after we wave goodbye. Ask your contractor if he carries insurance. Not car insurance. Not health insurance but liability insurance that protects your property and the employees we send there.

2. No Subcontractors

“Here today, gone tomorrow” doesn’t work for us. It shouldn’t work for you either. Elite employees are just that – employees. Our team is consistent. We know who they are, how they are trained and why they’ll respect the home they’re in.

3. Project Manager

Expect one to introduce himself and be on the job throughout. Questions? Just ask. Suggestions? Bring it up. Compliments? We’re listening!

4. References

We appreciate the good words from friends and family (thanks Mom) but that may not be enough for you. Check out over one hundred 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, Houz and more. 10 years of pride counts. People notice. We’re grateful.

5. Warranty

Our work withstands the test of time (see #4 above). Yet, things can happen. That’s why we offer a real warranty. More certainty in an uncertain world is first-rate protection for our customers. If you’re using someone who doesn’t offer one, take a look at ours.

6. Roots

We’re not a franchise. We’re not “handymen.” We’re PDCA certified painters and members of the local Chamber of Commerce. Elite Painting Plus is invested in the community. No partnership is safer than one where both parties have “skin in the game.”

When you call us, expect free evaluations, free estimates and being free of hassles. What’s better than a terrific paint job or peace of mind? Both.