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Elite Commercial Services

As local painters we know how challenging — and rewarding — running a business can be. Having an edge goes a long way and great application of the right colors can increase your chance of attaining goals.

We’re fond of this article in Forbes from Dr. Amy Moran where she says “Color greatly influences human emotion and behavior. If you’re hoping to make your workers more productive, or you want to encourage shoppers to spend money, understanding the basics of color psychology can help you design a space that will maximize your potential.”

Revitalize your business and stimulate customers with a painting from the Elite Commercial Team.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior was gracious enough to give us the Manhasset store as a betterment project. They’re great to begin with but our work helped keep a beautiful store the way it should look — beautiful.

Aesthetically Yours

Painting a business that focuses on beauty can be a little intimidating. The job has to be… well, beautiful. We came through and left this skin-care salon with a beautiful business environment that is aesthetically theirs.

See their Rockville Centre Salon here.

commercial spa painting
beautiful hallway
commercial painting