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Ask yourself what’s important.

How to Pick Perfect Colors for Painting your Home?


If you’re like me HGTV won’t be calling you about a contract anytime soon. So what? When it comes to our own homes we have one big advantage: No one knows what we like better than us. There are lots of improvement tools at your disposal. Here’s just five.


Get feedback from everyone using the space — just like the pros. Kids may surprise you. They spend more time in the home than most people. Everyone in the house has that same advantage of knowing the space. Also, when all is said and done you’ll feel a sense of combined ownership from the collaboration.


Ask yourself what’s important. For instance, our home used to put a lot of thought into making the house attractive for “company.” When it occurred to us that 75% of our energy was to impress people who spent 10% of their time here—things changed. Does the dining room really need to match the china? If you take it out twice a year the answer may be no.


The beauty of paint is lots of change that’s easily reversed. Respecting the past is good but hanging on to it keeps you in a rut. Try something new! Talk to a painter near you about the hundreds of colors he sees trending these days. Get more “bang for your buck” by picking his brain.

Set the Atmosphere

What’s the mood? This author loves mint green but it’s too “cold” for a playroom. Think about the space. After a long day, should you retreat to a tree house or beach house? Never underestimate the power of painting to enhance your surroundings.


Why guess when you can enjoy certainty? Benjamin Moore sells samples so you can actually experience the color live. Don’t let $9.99 stand between you and the perfect house paint decision. Check into the nearest retailer or use the World Wide Web right here.

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