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The thing that Really Surprised this Paint Contractor… a lot!

Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

For nearly a decade we’ve worked hard to build Elite Painting Services Plus into a home-improvement resource for the Long Island community. It’s also a foundation of pride for those of us on the Elite team.

Our strong work and professional execution are by design. Heck, you paint 10,000 walls you get good at it. So that’s no surprise. The myriad of people we meet amaze us with their good natured intelligence and their love of home and hearth. That’s also expected. Those of us born and raised on “the island” know the depth of character and love of family that’s so prevalent here.

So what is it that has us so surprised? It’s you. It’s your reaction. It’s your generous feedback that has us surprised and thankful. Who knew you’d be so vocal with your praise?!


On Facebook alone 120 people have taken the time to recommend us. We humbly thank each of you for saying things like,

“I can not give Elite Painting enough stars!!! Benny & his entire crew are the most professional workers I have ever had in my home.”

“A fantastic job from a great team it’s no wonder they’re always featured on George to the Rescue!

“You would have no idea I had painters in the house with how clean they were while working.”

“I’ve never met a contractor this honest and who sticks to their word on every promise.”

Google Reviews

For the folks on Google Reviews we’re sincerely grateful. It’s a privilege to read things like;

“A very clean and beautiful paint job.”

“My house looked brand new when they were done! I was extremely pleased with the service they provided! ”

“The crew was professional, courteous, punctual and efficient. ”


And Angie’s List can be tough but you’ve embraced us with comments like,

“Their work was superior, priced great and completely on time.”

“If you need your house painted, this is the company to use.”


Finally, to the lady on Houzz who said,

“Absolutely amazing. They have done a flawless job.”


We thank you.

Our blogs are largely about painting advice. We like to help and it’s good to write about what you know. So are we showing off a little this time? Yes, sure we’re only human but not just for us for the community on “the Island” that’s taken the time to say what they think and think the best of us. We’re flattered. We’re grateful. We’re… surprised.