Here are a few differences you should know between a Local painting contractor like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc and a bigger painting company? When hiring a Local painting contractor, homeowners often wonder whether there is any important reason to compare local companies to large franchise operations. It is hard to generalize too widely, because every group has exceptions, but there are some good reasons why it is often better to go with a Local Painting Contractor.

A typical advantage of hiring a local painting contractor like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc is our dedication to pleasing customers within our service area, since we strongly rely on referrals and repeated business from our customers. Local painting contractors will generally be more customer-focused and responsive when it comes to fulfilling your expectations. Bigger chains on the other hand, have a established brand and a vast area to serve, so customer service is not necessarily their highest priority.

Another reason it can be an advantage to use a local painting contractor is that most of the cost of your project will stay within the local economy. Local painting contractors like Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc purchases their paints and tools from local merchants, provide jobs to local residents. They are also more disposed to participate in community service and development projects than a bigger painting company.

A very important factor to consider when hiring a Local Painting Contractor, is to check references. We’re so confident in every project we complete that we will provide you with a list of several local customers, so you can call and find out from them if they were happy with our painting services.

Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc services New Yorks – Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county areas. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, provide quality work at affordable prices, while focusing on the clients’ goals and expectations. You can see how we’ve done by viewing our Gallery. Also, check out our Facebook page for latest projects.

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