Accent wall Bedroom in Merrick, ny. Color combinations to flow properly with furniture.

Looking to give your interior a makeover? Can’t decide on whether to create a bold contrast or a subtle shift, to give your home that much needed fresh new look. The professionals at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. can help you spice things up with a pop of color that will transform your living space. Accent walls are a great solution that add excitement to a room and strategically directs the eye where you want it to go.

The team at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. knows how important selecting the right wall is when deciding on an accent wall. Along with helping you to select the right color to enhance the current color scheme in your home, our team will ensure that you pick the right wall to feature. We’ll discuss with you factors like light, doors and windows, shared walls, and room shape.

Once you decided on the right wall to accentuate, our team will help you determine tone, an open floor plan look, and texture. Interior painting is our forte and we know how to play with highlights and shadows to give you the perfect contrast.