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How do you Pick Perfect Colors for Painting your Home?

Be your own Designer!

If you’re like me HGTV won’t be calling you about a contract anytime soon. So what? When it comes to our own homes we have one big advantage: No one knows what we like better than us. There are lots of improvement tools at your disposal. Here’s just five.


Get feedback from everyone using the space — just like the pros. Kids may surprise you. They spend more time in the home than most people. Everyone in the house has that same advantage of knowing the space. Also, when all is said and done you’ll feel a sense of combined ownership from the collaboration.


Ask yourself what’s important. For instance, our home used to put a lot of thought into making the house attractive for “company.” When it occurred to us that 75% of our energy was to impress people who spent 10% of their time here—things changed. Does the dining room really need to match the china? If you take it out twice a year the answer may be no.


The beauty of paint is lots of change that’s easily reversed. Respecting the past is good but hanging on to it keeps you in a rut. Try something new! Talk to a painter near you about the hundreds of colors he sees trending these days. Get more “bang for your buck” by picking his brain.

Set the Atmosphere

What’s the mood? This author loves mint green but it’s too “cold” for a playroom. Think about the space. After a long day, should you retreat to a tree house or beach house? Never underestimate the power of painting to enhance your surroundings.


Why guess when you can enjoy certainty? Benjamin Moore sells samples so you can actually experience the color live. Don’t let $9.99 stand between you and the perfect house paint decision. Check into the nearest retailer or use the World Wide Web right here.

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The Allure of Seasonal Colors

The Allure of Seasonal Colors

Fall is in full swing and there’s no better time to start your interior project than now. When deciding on colors, seasonal hues can create a vibrant statement in any room. The team at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. can help you select the perfect color palette that embodies the bold colors of autumn. The right color can transform a room, elicit a connection, and reflect your style. We know the importance of selecting the right color and you’ll have complete confidence in our team.

Whether you want a warm cozy feeling, a rustic feel, or a bold statement, our team can help match you with the perfect autumnal hue. The rich colors of fall can reflect a range of moods that can reflect your personal style. Are you looking for an energetic yet earthy feel, or maybe a warm and soothing atmosphere, or a rich and sophisticated impression?  The autumnal color hues can bring the drama and are versatile enough to create the atmosphere you want. Call today for your free estimate and our team will help you select the perfect fall color.

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Paint Before You Move In!


Paint Before You Move In!

Moving season is in full swing and before you unpack, you should consider the importance of completing your interior paint job before moving in. Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, but the team at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. prides itself on customer satisfaction and will work with you to save money and choose the right color schemes for your projects.  Here are three tips why painting before you move is the smart and money saving choice:

Reason #1: Interior painting is easiest when the rooms are empty. You won’t have to worry about moving furniture and our crew can efficiently complete the job without having to cover, uncover, and move furnishings. Just think about how quickly we can paint ceilings, walls, trim, and closets of empty rooms without the time-consuming steps of moving and covering. Fast and efficient and it saves our customers money! We can complete a project faster and our crew can focus on what they do best, painting!

Reason #2: Unsure of how you’ll decorate your new home? Having a blank canvas can simplify interior decorating. Our team has the experience and knowledge of how best to steer your color scheme choice. We know how important selecting the right color is and how a new color scheme can allow you to choose just the right tints, tones, and shades of furniture, carpets, and accents to make your home picture perfect.

Reason #3: A fresh coat of paint is the best way to give your new home that fresh, new look.  A new coat of paint will leave your new home feeling more welcoming and more importantly, more like your new home. The Benjamin Moore products we use are of the highest quality and will give your interior project a flawless finish.

For the most trusted local paint company, call Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. to help make your new home your dream home.

Give us a call for a FREE Estimate – 516 69-PAINT (7-2468)

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Looking to give your interior a makeover?

Accent wall Bedroom in Merrick, ny. Color combinations to flow properly with furniture.

Looking to give your interior a makeover? Can’t decide on whether to create a bold contrast or a subtle shift, to give your home that much needed fresh new look. The professionals at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. can help you spice things up with a pop of color that will transform your living space. Accent walls are a great solution that add excitement to a room and strategically directs the eye where you want it to go.

The team at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. knows how important selecting the right wall is when deciding on an accent wall. Along with helping you to select the right color to enhance the current color scheme in your home, our team will ensure that you pick the right wall to feature. We’ll discuss with you factors like light, doors and windows, shared walls, and room shape.

Once you decided on the right wall to accentuate, our team will help you determine tone, an open floor plan look, and texture. Interior painting is our forte and we know how to play with highlights and shadows to give you the perfect contrast.

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Boost Your Curb Appeal Today!

First impressions are the most lasting.  What type of impression do people get when they first see your home? Curb appeal will increase your home’s worth, entice potential buyers, and give your home a fresh new look.  The professionals at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. can help you decide what’s the right amount of curb appeal.

One of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal is to add accent colors to your exterior.  A touch of paint can spice up your home in a number of ways.  Don’t know where you should add your accent color? Let’s think of your entranceway. The front door usually faces the street and it’s where visitors come face to face with your home. Want your home to pop and catch visitors’ eyes from the street, paint your front door in a color that contrasts sharply with your home’s exterior.

Accent colors can also add pizzazz to your home when you add color to shutters, planter boxes, or even your wooden fence. The experienced team at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. can help you decide on the perfect color scheme to enhance your existing palette.

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Thinking of staining?

When it comes to staining your deck, stairs, or trim, let the professionals at Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. help guide your decision.  The summertime is the perfect time to complete your desired project and it’s a great opportunity to show off your new look when hosting BBQ’s and gatherings.

Whether it’s an interior or exterior staining project, many people aren’t sure of the differences between painting and staining, but they know they want a completed project that looks natural and one that will last.  Painting coats wood, but stain penetrates wood.  Painting covers and hides wood, but stain protects and preserves wood’s natural beauty.  Paint peels and requires extensive scraping before repainting, but stain erodes gradually and therefore needs to be reapplied periodically.

Staining provides for a natural finish that will make your deck or trim look like new.  This classy new look should be completed by professionals who know the importance of preparation and the effects of environmental factors when staining.  At Elite Painting Services Plus, Inc. our experienced team will pay close attention to weather when scheduling and will make sure that the surface is properly prepared so that the stain endures as long as possible.





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