We get a lot of questions on how to keep freshly painted walls looking bright, clean and fresh longer.

Here are some of our favorite tips which will help you extend the life of your paint, help you to save money, and keep your walls looking brand new.

Dust – Ceilings and walls collect dirt and dust just like everything else in your home, so we suggest using a Swiffer sweeper and dusters. They have long extensions on them if you have higher ceilings, and if you’re vertically challenged. Use bounce dryer sheets for baseboards, it gets the dust off in a cinch and even prevents more dust from coming back. Also, don’t forget about grandma’s old fashioned way of cleaning walls with a rag wrapped around a broom, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to clean your walls!

Wash your walls – When washing your walls it’s very simple, just use some dishwashing soap and warm water with a natural sponge and use a circular motion starting from the bottom and working your way up and down the wall. Dry the walls using a towel. Remember that rooms used more often should be cleaned more regularly, especially in houses with kids, smokers and fire places. Don’t forget to wash your wood work!

Touch ups – To keep your paint job looking fresh make sure to save a swatch of the paint colors and the paint can you have used on your walls in case of accidents and paint chips. As damage occurs on your walls be sure to fill holes, scrapes and chips. Apply a small amount of paint and feather in the paint to have a seamless paint match.

Spot Clean – In kitchens we suggest using a grease-cutting dishwashing soap mixed with warm water for hard to remove stains, otherwise you can use baking soda and water and rub gently rub over the stain till it comes off the wall.